Storage Cube

Get organised at home or work with adjustable wall mounted shelves, modular storage systems and stackable plastic crates. These highly functional units will complement any space or design.


iCube® is the smart storage system for your garage, office, wardrobe or your children’s play room. The modular storage cubes are the safe storage organiser. Cubes with doors or drawers provide more options, they fit perfectly and stack easily.

This clever snap-lock design storage solution comes with
a “ no tools required” guarantee. It packs flat, yet produces a high-density storage option designed to maximise the use of space. It doesn't get any easier
than that!

iCube® storage organiser options are fashionably smart; they’re stylish and practical. You can choose from an innovative range of accessories, fabrics and finishings to help you achieve the look you want.

iCube® products are light, but robust. These modular storage systems provide stylish and functional storage solutions for the home and office. Use as a cube bookshelf, a plastic storage crate or modular shelving unit, they will stand up to it all.

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Welcome to the official iCubeĀ® concepts website. The iCubeĀ® storage concept offers consumers a range of benefits - it is convenient to carry and transport; easy to assemble; provides flexibility to reconfigure; looks stylish; can change its appearance and purpose with an exciting range of accessories; and it packs flat.
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