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4 cube kit with door and shelf and icube crate
Half Fabric Drawer Sand
No Tools Small

Our clever snap-lock design means there is no need to call a friend to ask what a Phillips screwdriver is and definitely no searching the bottom of the box for the mystery Allen Key, assembly of all iCube® products is tools-free.

Lightweight Dark Small

We like to keep things simple so we’ve made sure it’s easy to move your iCube® kit in and around the house to suit your needs. With each cube weighing less than 5lbs, there’s no heavy lifting required.

Sturdy Small

Not only can you store your belongings inside your iCube® storage system, with each cube supporting 50lbs in weight, you can also store them on top to maximize your storage space.

ICTBS Dark Small

Being truly modular, the configuration options for your iCube® storage system are endless. With a wide range of made-to-fit accessories, you can mix and match colors or keep it monochrome, it’s never been cooler to be square!