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Founded on a spirit of innovation and a commitment to excellence, iCube® Ltd
is led by David Todd. The development of the iCube® concept has been a
design-led process. Looking at every opportunity to create a complete storage
solution, the creators have explored all aspects of design and production to
deliver to the needs of consumers and retailers. After prototyping and market
testing, the result is an innovative modular storage system – one that is light yet
robust, stylish but economical to produce.


The iCube® storage concept offers consumers a range of benefits – it is
convenient to carry and transport; easy to assemble; provides flexibility to
reconfigure; looks stylish; can change its appearance and purpose with an
exciting range of accessories; and it packs flat.

iCube Packaging

The iCube® storage concept offers retailers a compelling proposition – an
innovative product in a growth category which is applicable across both mass
and vertical markets; a superior packaging design which doubles as a visual
merchandising tool facilitating a ‘system sell’; and a ‘flat pack’ presentation that
delivers impressive plan-o-grams (iCubes® higher density display provides
optimal shelf space utilization and maximizes returns).